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TIE&TEASE EXPERIENCE (perfect for beginners)

Are you always busy, consumed by stress and haste? Slow down and let someone else decide. Give away all that control you have to execute every day. Feel the bliss and elation of sexual adventure and just letting go… Tie & Tease is a perfect option for gentlemen who would like to experience some fun with dominating escort like me. It’s usually a painless experience where your hands and legs are immobilised. I will tease you, continuously keeping you on edge. I will slide my body over yours. You will tremble under my touch. When I jump on top of you, you will beg me to let you cum.

We can try hot wax play, ice cubes, blindfolds and many more... If you’re more experienced, we can also incorporate some pain and impact play. Every Tie & Tease date will be specially tailored to your needs, so both of us leave with big smiles.

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